The Domus has been in business since 1985. Back then, it was the first establishment in the Benelux region to couple a brewery to a restaurant. Today the beers are still crafted using the original equipment. The quality of the beer is down to the skill and experience of the brew master who makes the beers without additives and has no assistance from artificial intelligence.

At the moment we serve the Con Domus and the Nostra Domus beers all year round. We also serve a seasonal beer, but this changes frequently throughout the year

Care and craftsmanship for pure homemade beer.

The beers of the Domus are carefully crafted with one word in mind, respect. We have respect for the beers throughout the entire brewing process. The beers are brewed using only the finest of ingredients and the process is not forced or rushed. The beers are allowed to ferment and rest at their own pace. No additives or preservatives are used to manipulate the beers in any way. 

The end result is a pure and natural beer that flows through a pipeline directly from the brewery. Unlike Conventional beers in a barrel, we don’t even need to use COto get the beer from the barrel into the glass. The beer is pumped through the pipe. There is no better way to ensure the beers stays fresh.

Visit our brewery

Guided tours of the brewery are possible. Usually the tour takes up to 45 minutes to complete. The guide explains in great detail how we make our beers from start to finish. The tours require an advance booking of at least 8 people and a maximum of 30.  Should your party consist of more participants the groups will be divided into smaller parties. The tours can also be conducted in English and can be arranged from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 AM to 20:00 PM.

There are different options for the group to choose from all prices listed are per person:

Tours with beer tasting

Tours with beer tasting and snacks

Beer arrangement 1

Beer arrangement 2

Supplement water  and coffee

Bottles of sparkeling and still water placed on the table and coffee or tea after the menu € 4 p/p

For more information on reservations and availability please email us at